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Don't be afraid this Halloween!

There's no need to be afraid of the dark this Halloween if people take some simple personal safety tips.

In the run-up to Halloween, the States of Jersey Police are reminding people how they can stay safe on the streets on October 31 “ whether they are children going trick or treating or adults going to Halloween parties.

Advice to remember when out and about includes:

  • Don't walk alone where it can be avoided, especially after dark
  • Avoid short cuts and deserted areas; try to keep to well-lit busy streets
  • Be aware of your surroundings, and avoid using personal stereos or radios - you might not hear trouble approaching
  • Carry your bag close to your body, if possible with the opening towards your body. Try not to overload yourself with items
  • Don't be flash with your cash or mobile phones. Keep their use discreet and put them away after use. Don't carry them in an obvious manner
  • Consider carrying a personal attack alarm
  • Make sure that you have a phone card or change to make a phone call, but remember - emergency 999 calls are free of charge
  • Think ahead - consider how you are going to get home; what about pre-booking a taxi or arranging a lift with a friend or family member?
  • Make sure that you stay with your party and that someone knows where you are at all times.

This year, as in the past, both States and Honorary Police want to offer reassurance that any one causing anti-social problems throughout the evening will be dealt with robustly where necessary.

Inspector Alan Williamson said: "We want children to have fun but not if it is at the expense of others. Most youngsters enjoy Halloween traditions in a safe and sensible way, but in the past we have received complaints of eggs and flour thrown at properties and reports of malicious damage.

Extra States officers will be working alongside their Honorary police colleagues to positively police identified ˜hotspots' where there have been complaints in the past.

"We hope that parents will support our initiative and ensure that their children are supervised and safe as well as being aware of the consequences of any nuisance behaviour. It is not our intention to spoil the evening for those children who genuinely want to enjoy themselves in a law-abiding and traditional way, but we want other people, such as the elderly, who can be frightened by the activities of youngsters, to be reassured by our presence. We hope the children will have a fun evening and that the minority will not spoil it for the majority."

Halloween is also a time for trick or treaters and most householders are happy to hand over sweets or other presents to ward off the evil spirits.

However, occasionally groups of young people knock at every door whether they know the residents or not, demanding some sort of gift or payment.

For the vulnerable or older members of the community this can be a frightening and intimidating experience, so please follow these simple guidelines to ensure a trouble free evening for all:

  • Ensure children are accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Explain how vulnerable people can be frightened by an unexpected group calling at their door on a dark evening.
  • Only knock at houses where you know you will be welcome.
  • Respect the "Please No Trick or Treat" notice where it is displayed.



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